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Building Green

Teaching Kids about Green Building Materials

Raising Awareness about Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Building

We offer customers the option of using eco-friendly or ‘green’ construction designs, materials, and methods wherever possible. We strongly support the movement to build green and use techniques and materials incorporating the latest eco-friendly technologies.

I feel strongly about this issue and would like to promote the green movement in the building and remodeling industry. This web page will be dedicated to our “Green” technologies with links and information from the architectural and building trades industry. Hopefully, you will often return to this page to see what’s new in the building green field. The movement will continue to gain momentum as I am a confessed tree-hugging nature lover and would like to do my part in developing a sustainable future for our children. Let us all work on becoming carbon-neutral and eco-friendly in all our endeavors.

Our Commitment to Green Building