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Achieving Quality, Cost, and Time in Construction Pricing

The Balancing Act

Pricing construction takes a balancing of three required ingredients:

  1. TIME
  2. COST

You can have any two, or most contractors will tell you without breaking a sweat.

  • If you want it fast, it will cost more money.
  • If you want it cheap, it will affect quality.
  • If you want quality, it takes time and money.

GETTING ALL THREE consistently is the mark of a Master Builder. It requires lots of experience and a lot of skill. It takes honest, up-front discussion and decisions regarding all three components to avoid surprises or misguided expectations.

Quality must take precedence, and the other two follow suit. We work out an extensive budget based on what you want done before we do anything else. But quality must be the starting point for us. We will not compromise on that.

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Bathroom upgrade

$5,000 to $15,000

Bathroom gut remodel

$20,000 to $35,000

Kitchen upgrade

$18,000 to $35,000

Kitchen gut remodel

$59,000 to $100,000


$290,000 to $390,000

Full Home Remodel

$130,000 to $190,000

Case by Case

A Transparent Approach to Construction Pricing

You should note that I am the only contractor in town that publishes his price range in black and white. I am the only Design/Builder who uses an open-book method of accounting so you can see where every dollar goes. This is very helpful in keeping budgets in line, and it proves my honesty and value by working with 100% transparency. Communication is the key to successfully partnering with homeowners to work through a complex process of designing and building home remodeling projects. Communication is critical to every successful project.

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